8/10 - Jessica Albies at the Efly


Aug 18, 2004
San Diego
Gary Moyer
38' Bertram - Los Lobos
3 Albies about 8 miles WSW of the Efly, 1 on troll and 2 on bait, all on one stop. 68.2-68.6 water. Gotta be honest, my bait fish was when the rod was in the rod holder in open spool, clicker on, and we were cleaning the blood from the first two.

Lots of life, but they seemed to ignore our jigs for the most part. Albie and yellow fin schools, some full on foamers. The yellow fin were chasing small achoives. Maybe that made our big sardines a less attractive.

The sport fleet was at the Efly (all on top of it in the morning, trying to chum up/attract the roving schools), then spread out in the general area.

A little rough on the way out, but nothing to prevent going 18-21 knots. Layed down nice so it was a smooth downhill ride home.