7/7 Mussel Farm Again



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Feb 3, 2006
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It has been a week now and I figure we go and redeem ourselves from last week butt kicking. Had a late start today and didn't get to Nacho until 7 am. All he had were uncured Dines. No squid as it has been tough getting due to the full moon. Grab a scoop and headed to the farm. Got there in short order however conditions were washing machine. It was a surprise that I was the only one there. After a few setting of the anchor we were in the right position with the wind and current. By then a few boats join the party but couldn't anchor so they left. There was one boat that was slow trolling sardine between the buoy that hook up only to lose it in short order. For us, long story short, we were there a couple of hours and went 0 for 3 on the yellows. I knew the dines were not as good as when we have live squid so decided to head in early. Sorry no pictures as we got the skunk today.
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Nov 26, 2005
Huntington Harbour
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Doesn't matter if you fish 130lb mono, spectra, etc. - just realize that the grid of Mussel buoys has a connecting underwater cable about 15-20ft below the surface in between each buoy - so any fish that you can't immediately get out of the grid are going to be broken off.

And the boats trying to anchor there close to the bouys are just donating there ground tackle to the structure - in the last 2-3 weeks the amount of anchor line wrapped around all the mussel bouy cables is nuts.
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