7/31/21 short morning run 2 legal WSB


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    Hi everyone

    Well I hope all is well with you and yours in.

    Wife woke me up early for some reason :D. She goes to work and I was going to go back to sleep but I decided to check the surf cams .
    Surfs been up in my local spot for the last month or so. I look at the cam and it looks pretty nice but it s a low tide. Then I look at traffic it's ok ,so I decide to go. 20 mins. later and I'm up and over the hill. 5 mins. later and I'm at the exit. Another 25 mins. and I'm at the spot.

    Conditions look allright Overcast ,minimal surf but like I said it's Low tide. I try to find parking and get lucky considering there's a LOT of Surfers and Paddleboarders.

    I rig up my stuff for 10 mins. and watch the water which is stained. Get down to the beach and start working it. 15 mins. and nothing not even a tap I start working my way up the beach. I find what I m looking for and concentrate on this section of beach. 1,2,3, casts and no love 4,5,6 and a slight tick . I set the hook and I can tell it's a bigger fish. I loosen the drag and it's on a 5 min.75 yard run and wind ,wind,wind another shorter run and wind wind wind. At this point I think I'm on a 15 -20lb. halibut. I haven 't seen the fish but I've felt the headshakes. Side to side mostly but some up and down. It takes a 3rd run towards a paddleboarder coming in. I yell BIG FIIISHHH and they stop and watch. I start to pump the fish and am gaining line back. It does the boil under the surface thing and I m still thinking big Halibut may---be? Water is still really stained. It takes a short 10 yard run and I figure go for Broke. I want to at least see it. SO I wind wind wind wind wind wind.

    Did I mention I'm using a Shimano 200 slx with an old Clarus bass flipping rod and 15lb. test. Paddle handles are a beach on bigger fish. So after 5 mins. of wind wind wind I see it at the edge.
    Oh sheet ,oh Man this is a nice WSB in full on Spawning colors about 3 feet+ long. Where's my Camera?, why don't I have a gaff? Why didn't I Go Pro this and most importantly how will I get this up on the beach? So I loosen the drag and time the waves and drag it in by hand. I get it above the water line and the line breaks with the lure still in it's mouth. I grab the broken line and drag it up further past the waterline.

    Yaaahahhhh i finally got 1 after few trips north on the boats with nothing but blanks. I haven't eaten 1 in quite a few years and it's going to taste sooooo good. I let it lay there for about 15 secs. and am admiring it's colors. Yellowish,brown grey on the top with black vertical bars and around 20 -22lbs. As I stare at it I'm thinking it's such a beautiful fish. It's a spawner and it gave me a great fight . Damn it I can t take this fish because it's most likely a Female. I take the hook out and pick it up gently and release it gently back and forth into the water. It stutters for a sec. or 2 and then with a big sweep of the tail it takes off.
    I catch my breath for a min. and start again. 1,2,3, casts a slight tick and i'm on again. A few runs wind wind wind a few runs and and wind wind and i get it to the beach in a shorter amount of time. This 1 is barely legal say 30 inches but I think it's a male. It has darker colors all around which are way more prominent. I drag it up on the beach and think i 'll keep this 1. Then I think ahhh it's probably it's partner or mate . So i let this1 go and I fish for another 10 mins. and get a nice Calico and call it a day.

    Hope you enjoyed the read and have a Great week.


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    Good job! I usually catch and release from the beach unless it doesn't/can't swim. I have kept good sized halibut as well.
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