Islands 7-30 nothing on the slide


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  • Dec 7, 2018
    huntington beach
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    23' sanger alleycat, 24 skipjack open
    Left HB harbor at 7am to nachos to pick up a scoop of beat up bait every one else was heading to Osborne or the snail but we had a top secret plan.

    We ran down to the double rigs out to the drop off and started trolling. We ha 2 mad mack's up short, 2 daisy chains out 50', a spreader bar out 100' and a nomad flyer out at 150'.

    Trolled all the way to the slide with out seeing any life on patties, ran the slide and surrounding boxing the areas, saw the ahra-ahn doing the same.

    I did make some circles on a patty which brought in 3 other boats for nada, (sorry guys)

    Then ran up to two harbors and eventually trolled our way back towards pv hunting the middle ground.

    We saw huge schools of dolphin and some big tuna marks 100-200ft down about 14 miles straight out from LB.

    Other than that it was a beautiful day on the water burning 40 gallons and two bottles of liquor.

    the SLIDER
    Jun 11, 2015
    Dana Point
    L J
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    arima - the SLIDER
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