Offshore 7/3 No BFT luck at 425


Aug 3, 2017
San Diego
Parker 2310
Left mission bay at noon with some really nice bait, but seemed more like 1/2 scoop instead of 1. Heard some radio action on the 9 as we made our way south. The usual story of a long 2 hour long fight on 30lb. Congrats to whomever that was, they called numbers out as they left. We surveyed the area and kept going south. Got to the parking lot at 425, lots of sportfishing boats, we posted up there and fished sinker rigs, fly line, flat falls, rip roller, for nothing. Saw the Aztec boat a few smaller grade tuna and kept waiting for our chance. At one point we counted 50+ boats on the horizon. Saw folks flying the kite. We saw lots of sonar marks. Just never connected. We left around 1AM as the swell was a bit steep for my 23'. 🤮

After my last trip was so successful I guess I was due a skunk trip. 🤣🤣🤣