7/26 209

Aug 22, 2009
fullerton, ca, USA
Left dana at around 5am, got half scoop of chovies and half scoop of macs with a few dines mixed in. On the way to the 209 we ran out about 15 miles, spotted a big school of mamals and trolled /boxed the area for nothing. Made it to the 209 with about 20 boats in the area and found our parking spot. We boated 2 yft and my brother got a nice dodo on a Mac, another dodo came up with that one but couldn't get it to go. Seen some bigger tuna Probly bft boil not for from the boat but we're out of dines, Probly only had 6 dines. If we had more we would have gotten more fish. By noon there was Probly 50 boats out there so we left and trolled about 10 miles back to port for nothing so we pulled them in and did 30mph back home. All in all it was a beautiful day and lots of comedy on the box listening to people bitch. All our fish was about 20lbs. Thanks for everyone's help! Get sum!
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May 5, 2013
Santa Monica
Change Order
Was at the parking lot too yesterday, got a Yellowfin landed, but the shitty bait made it hard for much else. The radio banter yesterday was hillarious! Saw a bunch of tuna boils as we trolled for nothing around outside of the parking lot, and even came across a marlin which we tried to hook up for about 45 mins....great weather and fun day overall! Glad you got some too!