Offshore 7/25 181, 43, SCI, 289


Jul 26, 2015
225 Aquasport Explorer
Landed 1 30 lb BFT on a blue/white stick bait skipped across the surface.

Left DP with some dines at 4:30 am and headed towards the 181. Didn’t see too much on the way besides some bait on the 312. Passed the 181 and en route to the 43 we found tons of bait and birds but didn’t see any fish, however we did find a paddy with some dorado on it. Went 0-1 after we pulled the hook.

When we arrived at the 43 there were a couple parking lots of boats out there. Worked south where we found some 10-15 lb yellowfin on top and threw everything at them for nada.

Moved away from the fleet and found 1 spot of bluefin a little south of the 43 that were lazily puddling and wouldn’t eat either. Began working our way up the ridge to sci and continued to find yellowfin everywhere that didn’t want to eat, minus one that was a decent grade broken off near the boat . Then we found some more dorado on a paddy that didn’t eat.

Continued out towards the 81 where we saw some birds and breaking fish but it began getting a little choppy so we decided to paddy hop our way in. Stopped on a few more bird schools that had fish puddling under them for nada.

Planned the return route through the 289 at 5pm and were rewarded with small foamers of 30-80 lb class bluefin that actually wanted to eat I put one 30 lb class bluefin on the boat and my buddy pulled the hook on another.

Saw fish the entire day and the only thing the tuna bit were stick baits skipped across the top of the water
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Capt Lou
Jul 19, 2014
San Diego, CA
'03 Parker 2520 Louie-Lui II
Nice putting some fish on the deck. Was out there as well doing the same except fish on the deck. Thanks for the report!
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May 1, 2012
Monrovia ca united states
Glen Mitchell
Sea Fox 248 Commander
same report on my side, in terms of fish not wanting to bite.
fished the south part of the 43, then behind it and SW for about 5-7 miles. same shit. tons of breeezers. got a couple to stay up longer but they wouldn’t eat anything we threw at them.

let them eat up the bait in the water and then they will eat the kitchen sink on a good day.
nice job getting one on the boat. we couldn’t even do that!
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