Offshore 7/22 looking around

fly liner

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Apr 10, 2009
hemet ca USA
21' crystaliner /15' prowler
Woke up later than I anticipated, didn't launch out of shelter until almost 10, got a healthy scoop of mixed bait deans/chovies. Greated by a bit larger than expected swells but definitely doable. Pushed out west seen water up to 75 on the inside of the N9, worked the area west of the 9 where I seen fish last week. Nothing going on so I pushed south towards the 226 looked around found nothing but a pod of dolphin, pushed down to the 302 not much happening in that area . Turned around started back to the north a mile or so inside of the line I had came down , I found 5 or 6 decent Patty's and a few tiny ones, threw jigs and bait at all of them, nobody home.kept on pushing north stayed a mile or two inside of the east most edge of the 182, pushed up to the north most edge of the N9 turned towards the beach until I hit the eastern edge of the ridge, pushed along the edge until I was roughly straight out from point Loma and then headed towards the whistler are and ended my day with a little red and a semi decent tree fish. Covered 75 miles, radio sounded like alot of fish pushing up on the 182 but being very skittish and not wanting anything to do with boats. Maybe should of stuck it a bit later, end of the day radio chatter sounded like the fish started getting a little less shy out between the 9 and 182,but who knows. Hope this helps.
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  • May 27, 2015
    next time !
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