Offshore 7/21/21 Fishing report - Catalina from Huntington Harbor


  • Nov 8, 2019
    Wellcraft 18 Fisherman
    Launched from Huntington Harbor 7/21/21 at 0630. Water was clear, wind mild, swells mild, water temp 70 degrees. Went to Nacho's for the first time, picked up a scoop of anchovies. Headed to Catalina Long point. Smooth crossing, nothing of significance I saw while en route. Arrived at long point (just south of the MPA) and saw a boat anchored up. Looked pretty slow for them. We spot locked about 50 yards deeper, caught Calicos. Always "cool" to be able to see all the fish you aren't catching then watch them bolt when a seal is checking you out.

    Moved to west of the Long Point MPA and started trolling Rapala's at 80 feet - zip. Only thing we caught was the attention of the Coast Guard. Very respectful and quick, safety inspection done, moved on.

    Went to the Isthmus high spot - white fish on squid. Scouted two harbor for a camping trip we are planning. First time harbor and mooring the boat. Hopefully you guys won't see us on a blog saying stupid ass' boat sunk while moored at Catalina.

    Moved to Eagle Reef - zip.

    Moved to a couple of rocky type places I saw on the Navionics Map with shade relief, legal rock fish and a sheephead.

    Motored back across the channel, stopped at 4 kelp paddies - sounder saw lots of bait. Dropped a 150g colt and yoyo'd it. Hooked 2 large macks and didn't see anything else.

    Stopped at 150, current was way to strong for us. With 16oz sinker, couldn't keep it down.

    Got home, held up a little by a large Navy vessel leaving the harbor - cool for us to watch. Got back in one piece. Good day for my kid and me. Sorry no pics, all you would see is a frustrated angler trying to catch something.


    Sep 23, 2017
    Thanks for posting Capt! I wonder whats keeping Catalina from blowing up. Heading out to try and catch something Saturday but thanks to your report will probably look around and chase any foamers if there are any out from NPH.
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