Offshore 7/13 9 Mile bank



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May 24, 2018
Fletcher Hills
Hydra Sports 2000cc “No B.S.”
Zeros again. Water deep blue, temp 65-67, few paddies, one holding looked like YT, lock jaw, wind none, swell mixed up.

Left Shelter Island around 0530, forgot how nice it is to fish on weekdays, that place was a zoo.

South 9 to North 9 trolled a pattern with a Zuker and Cedar Plug. Temp at the south end was high 67’s dropped to 65 near the middle of the bank so we headed further west and found the temp nearing 67 again. Came across three paddies, one really nice garage door size. We played around with that one for a while as we metered some fish. With no live bait, we threw the kitchen sink at them. No takers. Water is a deep blue out there, thousands of Dolphin, whales, sea lions on one paddy, jelly fish, very lively, but no birds working bait. Didn’t see a tern crashing anywhere. Weather was weird, hardly any wind but the swell was mixed up a little. We headed in around 1030, had to get home by noon, and the launch ramp was still a happening place. Word at the ramp was everyone and their grandma was at the Nados.

Good luck out there, the paddies look promising once some fish move in!
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