Offshore 7/10 Newport BFT - Epic Battle - Failed


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  • Jul 29, 2010
    Long Beach, CA, USA
    whichever has the longest bunk
    Great effort! If you check out the youtube videos of some of the guys fighting huge tunas with spinning gear, you will notice that the ones that succeed usually DON'T use the rod hardly at all (mostly because of the line issues) but instead pull up strongly vertically on the rod and then gather a couple of feet of line with a partial handle turn. Essentially hand-lining up the fish.

    If I get a medium tuna on my heavy spin gear I sometimes lay the rod on its right side on the rail for leverage and to take the pressure off my arms. This freaks-out the deckhand who has usually never seen this tactic. I haven't broken a rod yet. But at the end game with the tuna almost straight down I point the rod at him and lift up. If you try it, you will find that it works.
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