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Capn Caboose
  • May 18, 2020
    Mission Viejo, CA
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    It was a great day on the water, to be a tourist.

    Started off the morning leaving from Dana Point, no bait (figured we'd troll and save the money) and an early start. Started trolling some Yo-Zuri Bonitas in orange and pink about 3 miles out of Dana. Got out to the 267 by 6, no life, no birds, not much of anything going on. Turned and headed north towards the 14 mile and again no life except for some single terns searching for food. On the way to the 14 saw one boat hook up and land what seemed to be a 40-50 lb model. Bummer, we trolled nearly side by side for about an hour. Whatever, plenty of time left in the day. Once at the 14 saw the parking lot it was becoming and a few boats seemed to pick up some biters. Turned back southwest and decided to find some of our own ground. On the way we saw two blue whales. Crazy, never thought that I'd see them again (last time was in 2010 or so). The entire ride, we saw dozens of small mola mola, a cool sight to see. Got about 4 miles southwest of the 14 (about 10:30 a.m.) and then the tuna finally broke the surface. Had a few shots at some very large looking models (100lb+) and was quickly overtaken by the many small cc's and parkers that could outrun us. No worries again, as the fish started to foam all around us. Small spots at first turned into wide open National Geographic feeding frenzies. On the way chasing fish, saw a random and lone mako leap probably 7-8 feet out of the water. Didn't appear to be hooked but hey ya never know. Anyways, absolutely no luck, no bites, nothing from any of the fish we saw all day. Trolled the Bonitas, threw colt snipers, poppers, irons, trolled cedar plugs, etc. the list goes on. There the whole damn kitchen sink at em. Ended up calling it around 1 because of the wind forecast (which never picked up).

    Probably need to invest in a kite and some CA flyers. Oh well, it was my first real tuna trip of the year and I figured why not just go for it. All in all a very fun day, glad to see the large amount of fish in our waters. Now, just waiting for the dodo's and yellowfin to make an early appearance.....


    Sep 8, 2006
    san clemente
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    Dues paid brother, lots of dues have come due the last week or two. I hope you guys will have them all paid off before my trip offshore Sunday, haha. Otherwise I’ll bring my check book.
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    Idk what to name dis
    Aug 1, 2019
    West side
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    Went out for a afternoon cruise. Dolphins doing acrobatics thought were foamers. Trolled past a few patties with birds sitting on em and bait. No fish. Once the weather gets better, will spend full day trolling
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  • Aug 14, 2012
    San Fransisco,CA USA
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    So the ocean shared many of its "Treasures" with you yesterday, my Brother.... although not a willing BFT.

    So what.... amazing things to see.... that don't happened everyday.... thats a "trip". Nice post... thanks for sharing. For me going out..... is the real cake ......if catching..... the fish..... they're the icing on that cake. I learned to love the "cake" long ago as a child. With icing.... or not.... a real Treat! Good luck.
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    best pals

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    Oct 3, 2004
    San Clemente
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    Great effort!!

    Curious if anyone else has caught BFT on the Yozuri Bonitas- we trolled them three days ago in several different area to no avail. Wanted to get MadMacs but Hogans in Dana Point as well as many others have been sold out and will not be getting new shipments for some time.
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