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Jan 17, 2021
Stephen Gonzalez
I have recently re-wrapped a older rod. It was going to be setup for a shorter type rail rod and 60lb line live bait , droper. etc. I have decided I want 60-80 reel. I was wanting to get the Dauntless 600. Question is, is the Dauntless still capable and as capable as the Atd 16 or 30 fishing this line weight? Max out Jb hollow with a flouro topshot on both. I was thinking even with 65 spectra I could throw a 80 lb leader on either reel. One could put more drag at a very specific setting. One has lugs for LR trolling under the rail. Personally have not purchased a 16 0r 30 size reel. The Dauntless seems like a refined power house, but is 25-30 lbs of drag steady better suited to the ATD heavier duty reel? I just am not sure at all. I like the idea of the smaller Dauntless, but really I have no idea. I only want to buy American and have only Accurate and Avet. Avet 30 topless maybe? I need assistance from the experienced and wisdom here. Thanks in advance. 500 65lb braid on the Dauntless, vs 400 80lb braid on the ATD12. Maybe the ATD 30 is too much for this idea and not the rod.
Maybe just go with the EX30 with 100lb braid and fish it! Have the money for a trip plus the reel? But will I grab it as often I the Dauntless was there? help....
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Dec 4, 2005
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The reels under discussion have a wide variety of line capacities, so finalizing how much line you will feel comfortable with will help narrow the field.
Given that the primary application will be 60-pound work, and that you want "Made in USA", the Torque TRQ40NLD2 is a phenomenal 60-pound reel, and can do 80-pound if necessary.
If you decide you want a "heavy frame" reel in that same line capacity category, the International 12VISX covers that nicely.
Definitely worth considering.
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Jan 20, 2007
Richard G/
Both reels are great, it really depends on what you’re going to target. If your looking at 100 pound plus fish, personally I like the ATD. The 12 is a bit smaller than the 30. I have both. If you buy a 12, consider a super 12 (30 gears). Not saying anything negative about the Dauntless, it’s a great reel, But as I use heavier rod, I want a stronger reel.
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