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Sep 19, 2016
Riverside, CA
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For those lucky ones that get to be out on the Southern California Bight for Fathers Day Weekend (although being with our sons and daughters is BEST) this report is going to be YT heavy, simple, straightforward and without reservations. We here at SlayDay SoCal hope you have fresh line on your reels, cold beer in ice already, and room in your freezer. Here goes…


If this pelagic species is your target for the week/weekend, you have several opportunities to hook up. The obvious LA/OC target is going to be Catalina Island. Over the last week, it’s no secret, the island has absolutely come alive. We have had several rental parties that have hooked up at some spots front side between YT Point and working both north and south. Look in shallow to about 120' The great thing about the island right now is our Hamachi brethren are pretty much everywhere. Some other areas to consider include: Backside West End, starting at West Cove and working your way down. Look for marks! Look for clean water with current. If you come on a “typical” YT spot and the current is non-existent, MOVE!

We also suggest spending time on the east end transition zone, working all around the “southern” tip of the island. Be prepared with 3-4 set-ups, We suggest running 40 lb floro on a yo-yo set-up, surface iron, and double dropper loop (especially if you can find live squid (he has some as of right now 6/14) from Nacho OR from one of the squid boats anchored at Cat right now on Channel 11. We support The LB Carnage light boat at (562) 714-8103.

You should also have a flyline set-up for ‘dines and/or squid to cast into the current and allow to drift along naturally with the water movement. We bring our lines down to 15-30 lb floro when flylining. (That’s just us). If you can sabiki up smaller model macks, drift them also! Increase your hook up ratio by using a bridle or a small stinger on the back. It would ALSO benefit you to keep moving! If you’re not seeing clean/moving water and aren’t noticing any surface action or metering any marks, keep on motoring. Don’t forget to stop by Farnsworth also and look for life/birds/meter marks.

Inshore, Yellowtail have also been popping up for some near the Mussel Farms and again near the 150 and Dbl. Rigs Reef. Small schoolies showed up at the rigs a few days ago, but didn’t bite or stick around, and our renters ended up going ground and KILLING it on the rockfish with red plastics and double dropper loops with fresh dead squid. No YT hooked, but visually seen. THERE ARE STILL YT AROUND The Farm. Some will hate that this info is out there, BUT .... aren't we all about sharing the love?

Filleting your catch!

Lastly, for those that enjoy doing so, we suggest launching Dana Point, OSide, and South and doing floating kelp hotel/pattie hopping. It’s a gamble, but every floater is worth a quick drift. Some advice? Don’t bogart the thing and run up on it close. Stay OFF the structure and start chumming. Whether you have several scattered scoops of live sardines or chunked dead bait – CHUM! If the YT are surface feeding/hunting, you should see them move on the chum. Look for surface disturbances as well as marks rising up in the water column. Be prepared with small jigs also (think Shimano Colt Snipers, Lingcodjigs, and Mega Bait)

Be wary of the think marine layer and fog that will stick around in the early AM. BE SAFE! This gloomy cloud cover will be around for a few more days, but should clear up. Also – be prepared for some afternoon wind; a slight change from the picturesque wind-free perfect weather we’ve been experiencing.

Bottom Fishing/Bass Fishing

Look at the shelf for regular spots: the 150, West and South/SE slopes. SO many of our catches have still be coming up with mouth and bellies full of red crab. We’ve experienced GREAT luck in the last few days with double dropper loop “squidless” – with just red plastics. Interesting. If you’re fishing OC waters, we still suggest Box Canyon (down south, passed Dana) just passed San O and Pendleton. Also – just as predicted, the Newport Reef (VERY accessible to smaller craft) has been producing healthy loads of sandies, calicos, and smaller rockfish for some renters over this passed Wed and Thursday. Newport bait has sardines and chovies, so it's TIME to start trying for Salt Creek calico bass. Careful on your hook size. Match hook size to BAIT and not the target species. Ever considered throwing 1 oz or bigger tube baits for bass? We all LOVE slugs, swimbaits, and live bait. But … try something NEW on a triple swivel – see link below… and look: I know we all have our own opinions on Hook Up Baits and the history behind the creators, etc, BUT ... just check out the video and consider the presentation of the plastics on staggered lines under a triple swivel. Let's remain fellow outdoorsmen and skip the judgments and aggressive comments. We're just trying to show you guys a new technique that can be used for MORE than just HUB tube baits. Consider slugs, skirted Ika-like baits, etc.

If you're interested in taking out your OWN island-worthy center console for a 3/4 or full day, give our fleet a try at www.slaydaysocal.com or call/text 714.914.4979 and enjoy our new touchscreen Garmin ECHOPlus Navionics units with over 300 pre-loaded fishing spots. Right now you can rent a 12-hour boat mid-week for 4 with ALL included for around $140/angler. Can’t beat that. Are you a veteran or first responder? We offer FAT discounts ALL year!

Slay on!


-SlayDay SoCal, LLC
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