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Dec 14, 2009
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Arrived at the harbor around 4:30 there were quite a few boats launching already. Headed towards II for some reason i decided to turn up. Arrived at J found 1 boat already baiting, made a few passes and continued on. Started to make our was up to X when I decided to troll a little faster aound 11-2 kts to make up some time. About 40 minutes later the center 80 comes down, the fish takes about 1/2 spool then stops. Starting to work the fish for about 15 minutes and gained most of the line back when this marlin decides to rush the boat, turn and make a few jumps. When he jumped I noticed that line was wrapped around his body, he took back all the line and decided to go straight down. It was a tug-of war for about 10 minutes then all of a sudden it just felt like dead weight. For the next 2 hrs we had to plane this fish back to the surface. When we finally got him to the boat has was pretty stiff. Got him to the boat and the scale he weighed in at 570lbs. Will post pics for some reason its does not want to upload.
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