Islands 6/20 Catalina + Redondo/PV


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Feb 19, 2016
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Haven't been on here in a while but finally getting back on in hopes of finding some intel on yellows at Cat.. Anyway, made the crossing from San Pedro on Sunday after getting a scoop of dines from San Pedro Bait Co. (who said squid is for sissies and cheaters :rofl:) and made the crossing directly to White Cove. Water was marking around 65 and the weather was pretty gloomy with the sun poking out every few minutes but the bite was extremely slow. By far the slowest it's ever been for me while using bait (I fish artificials 99% of the time).


After a few hours on the frontside, I decided to work toward the 3 V's on the back where the water jumped up to 68 in a few areas. Weather was pretty choppy (typical backside weather) but we anchored up and started flylining & dropper looping for nothing while marking a ton of fish. Another boat a few hundred yards away was pulling in micros (I'm guessing they were "cheating" with squid haha) and after about an hour or so, I decided to head back to the front and drive all the way to Eagle Reef where I knew we'd at least get on bass.

Per usual, all the good spots near Eagle reef were occupied by at least 3 boats but we got into a few. After another hour or so, we decided to head back home and try PV/Redondo where we had fished on Thursday (topwater bite was amazing that day). Weather held up and we were back inshore by around 1 where we came to realize it was extremely low tide and we couldn't get to the spots we hit last time out. Fishing was still very slow and we didn't see any boats hooking up.

Last spot of the day with the last dead sardine at the bottom of the tank, i put a hook through its gut and chucked it directly into the thick stuff and got bit on the surface within seconds. Go figure.. Called it by 3 and back home by 5.



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Mar 7, 2009
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Damn that's a NICE bass!
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