Inshore 6/17 Fri: late PM La Jolla


Oct 3, 2004
San Diego
John Gleaves
Boat Name
20 foot, Westcoaster, Roadrunner
Our fishing cub, San Diego Anglers, chartered the New Seaforth and fished from 5pm till about 9:30 pm. Calicos were biting with nice sized anchovies for bait. Plastics were also doing well. No parking problems at Seaforth Landing as there were plenty of sports when I pulled in plus it is free parking. This trip focuses on the kids in the club with them being free and getting the stern for most of the trip. Kid jackpot at the end and they were stoked ( $30, $20, $10).

We first fished outside in 85 feet of water on a drop off but the Calicos were there but not in force. This was on the north end of La Jolla straight out from main lifeguard station. Straight west, not to the north above the point.

We had very few sardines so I pinned them on if I could get one ( only saw 5 of them) and one produced a nice keeper to eat. All others let go. We then moved way inside tight to the La Jolla Cove and almost on top of the line for the preserve into shallower water - maybe 40 feet or less. More bass and biting well. Couple of sheepshead came over too and some small baracudas. Never did any rock fish fishing as the bass continued to bite into the dark till we left at about 9:30.

Small swell, little wind, some bump but great day on the water. 68 degree temperature. Saw one other small boat with us but he was solo and just cruising around and never saw him fish.

One idiot with a powerful green laser was in the Cove park shining it on the boat, the deckhand on the tank, the rest of us, anywhere on the water, and then into the homes and buildings along the way. Glad they walked on and stopped.

Summer is starting.

Squidco fathers day sale is today - right now. Go check it out. I am grabbing a few things for my 8 day Vagabond trip leaving this Thursday. Good to be on the water again

Edit: this is our counts as per Seaforth website & way more bass were caught as many of us would unhoook small bass and throw them back before a deckhand even knew we caught them. I caught at least 10 or more bass myself. They were biting.

New Seaforth1/2 Day Twilight4450 Calico Bass Released, 30 Calico Bass, 5 Rockfish
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