6/15 Coronado Islands report


Sea Bacon

  • Aug 24, 2018
    21’ Parker CC
    Headed out to the Nados on 6/15 looking for yellowtail. Weather was clear. No fog and you can see the islands from Point Loma. Waters were calm for even a 15’ inflatable we saw out there. Water temperature varied between 65 and 66 around the islands. Water cleaned up from two weeks ago after the wind messed everything up.

    The North Island didn’t produce anything for us. Saw a couple of schools but nothing interested in our lures. We trolled all day using Yo-zuri Deep diver lures on 30# flouro.

    Middle grounds had some bone action. My buddy caught a fat bone while trolling through the middle grounds. Other than that, same as the North island.

    Now the South Island was something else. Trolled to the south point and and stopped near the south kelp where we saw several large schools beneath us. Started reeling in our trollers when we noticed boils all around us. Everywhere! Calico Bass we’re jumping out of the water. It appeared they were either getting chased up by something larger or they were breaching to strike on the abundance of red crab on the south point. We chased the boils and casted into them with Colt Snipers. Boom. Worked on almost every cast; however, most the Calicos were too small to bag.

    Moved on trolling the east side of the South Island where we were met with hook up after hook up of non-stop Barracuda action. We hooked up on so many, I was pretty much tired of catching those ugly slimy things. Even the seals were having a field day.

    We moved on towards some diving birds near the north side of the South Island. Again, boils everywhere but no yellowtail bite. These were Cudas jumping out of the water. They were everywhere just like the calico boils on the south point.

    For the Yellowtail, it seemed like the they were deep between 50’ and 100’ of water water and didn’t want to come up and play even when met with yo-yo’s and colt snipers. Saw a bunch of schools we believed to be Yellowtail but never landed one.

    All in all, a good day on the water. Bagged a nice mix of Calicos, Barracuda, Bonito, and a Sand Bass. Sure beats a day at home reading about this, like yourself right now, wishing you were out there killing some fish.Lol. Tight lines my friends!
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    May 23, 2010
    Lakewood, Ca
    13” Whaler, 6DEUCE (my first ship CV-62)
    Awesome report. Gonna drive down and try my luck on the Grande or Mission Belle on Friday. Hope my group gets on some fish. A few first timers so I’m sure they would love Bonito, Cuda and bass if we can’t get the yellows to bite.
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