Offshore 540 Slingers 2Day Charter on the Amigo 7/30 to 8/01


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  • Aug 5, 2009
    San Gabriel CA
    BZ T-10

    We left out of 22nd St Landing on Friday 7/30.
    After hearing reports from the island fishing on the 2 day trip before us.(Thanks for info Phil Friedman!) Capt. Jeff Jessop suggested motoring out to Cortes, we all agreed.
    With a chance of finding quality yellowtail and the back up plan of loading up on quality reds everyone began to tie up for the next days fishing. Deckhands Jacob and Nick assisted anyone who needed help setting up and offered great advice on hook size and sinker type and weight. Was a bumpy ride out but night Capt. Shon got us there safely and as comfortably as possible. Woke up Saturday morning and Chef George had coffee ready and was making awesome croissant breakfast sandwiches. We finally reached a high spot that showed some fish on the meter. The first few baits hit the water and were devoured by some decent size Bonito. I threw out my first bait and got picked up by a small yellowtail. Everyone joked on how we got the prerequisite Bonito and Firecracker yellowtail on a Cortes trip out of the way. Jacob and Nick did there best to bring the fish up while they took turns working the bait tank. It was a scratch bite for Bonito and small yellowtail all morning. Everyone was happy because it was fun surface action. We had a Father (Cesar) and Son(Gabriel) duo that were on their first fishing trip longer than 1/2 day on board with us. 540 Slinger Rudy Rodriguez took the opportunity to hook and hand 14 year old Gabriel his first YT. With Rudy and Jacob's help Gabriel boated his first YT, it looked to be a 12#-15# model. As the bite slowed down a bit Capt. Jeff asked if we wanted to load up on reds before the winds got to ridiculous. We headed to a spot just over 300' deep and enjoyed bringing up quality reds, a 17# lingcod and some whitefish.

    The weather was still good after we finished rockfishing so we went back on the hunt for YT. After a few YT were landed Capt. Jeff came out on deck and said "I dare you guys to get a good sundowner bite going". Everyone obliged. We put 27 YT on with a few more good size Bonito as well.





    JP YT 27#

    With some quality YT and rockfish for all we decided to head for SCI to anchor up in a comfortable place to spend the night.
    Thanks to Jacob and Nick for doing an awesome job of fish cleaning.
    Chef George fed us an awesome dinner as we headed to SCI.


    Woke up Sunday morning to fresh coffee and Chef George making breakfast burritos and Spam breakfast sandwiches. During breakfast a good size Black Seabass was hooked by Cesar and with the help of night Capt Shon was successfully released. (Sea Lions were all over it hoping for an easy meal. Jacob kept them at bay)

    From there we hit the kelp lines for some really good Calico bass fishing. They bit the sardines and plastics well for us. It was fun fishing, with great friends, with an awesome Capt. and crew, on an awesome boat. The Amigo is a class act operation, if you haven't checked out the Amigo you are missing out.
    After breaking down our gear, cleaning ourselves up and a nap on the way in. Chef George woke everyone up to settle our tabs and enjoy some of his homemade turkey chilli and cornbread.

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  • Jul 24, 2017
    San Diego, Calif
    Joseph Gratteau
    Valco Westcoaster 150'
    Looks like fun, big bonie, but all the way to cortez, no tuna? Looks like a fun trip anyway! Great eats!
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