50 Tarpon Landed in 2.5 Days Fishing!


  • Jan 5, 2009
    Seabrook, TX
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    Just got back from a ridiculous fishing trip to Trinidad. Fishing solo, I managed to land 50 Tarpon in just 2.5 days of fishing. Some of them were small, but the average size was around 60-70lbs and there were several triple digit fish. To try something different, I made a video report of the trip:

    Big Tarpon.jpg

    Tarpon Swim4.jpg

    Tarpon Swim 5.jpg
    Tarpon Jump 15.jpg
    Tarpon Jump 23.jpg
    Tarpon Jump 53.jpg
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  • Aug 14, 2012
    San Fransisco,CA USA
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    Got it. I love those things! Fished a few times.... once in the Keys.... once in the Bahamas. (Got a couple of nice Bonefish as well.

    In the day.... 80's... there use to be a place there in FL..... in the Keys.... by Seven Bridges. A customer of ours told me of this place where at the proper time... you could feed the Tarpon.... from the dock.

    Couldn't believe my eyes when I walked to the end of the long dock ... with my "bait pale"....and saw literally hundreds of Tarpon.... and not 30 lb fish.... Hundred pound fish....two hundred pound fish.... all there... swimming in the shade. They were stacked.like cord wood... no joke.... swimming into the current ....until that first bait (porgy??) hit the water. HOLY CRAP.... that BUCKET MOUTH.... and the way the jaw swings open and shut.... allows them to suck that bait like no ones business!! BAM.... a hole in the water like a 200lb rock was dropped.

    Your picts show that mouth... they are massive. If you've ever fished for Ling Cod.... you know what I mean. Just all mouth...lol. Plus.... the BIG ones have been around the area awhile... know the .....in's and outs.....of the local structure. Have a great deal of Angler "Respect" for that fish. Thanks for posting Brother. Those picts are SPECTACULAR!!
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