5 Oceans Wash Down Pump


Surfing or fishing somewhere
Nov 30, 2007
Surfing or Fishing somewhere
Livingston 155 “Sushi Zone”
Good morning BD’ers,
Just wanted to throw out a caution for 5-Oceans products/customer service. I purchased one of their wash down pump kits last year for my project skiff. I finally got around to installing the wash down pump last month since I was waiting to do the thru hull, bait tank, and wiring all at the same time. The install went smoothly and everything functioned properly at my house. Drove down to the launch ramp which is exactly 1 mile from my house. Dropped the boat in the water and opened the hatch to ensure nothing was leaking to discover the bracket on the wash down pump broke on the drive down. Figured I would call them and hopefully they would send me a new bracket. Flipped the switch to test the pump with water running through it and water leaked out of the main body of the pump. I sent an email with pictures to 5-Oceans describing the issue. They took a week or so to get back to me saying sorry, it’s out of warranty and they would not replace it. I understand that it’s out of warrenty but it was new out of the box and didn’t even survive a one mile drive to the launch ramp. Piece of shit product and shitty customer service.




Dec 28, 2011
Dana Point
Paul L.
33’ Blackfin
I love the power of the internet and social media. We all like to know when a company does not stand behind a defective product. Thanks for sharing.