Offshore 5/5 on the San Diego


Jul 25, 2005
Tijuana, Mex.
This is my first ever report and I know some of you write some real page turners for these. Mine's going to be short and to the point with whatever intel I can share....Here we go: after what is being described with words as 'all-time' and 'epic big tuna fishing' on the San Diego yesterday 5/4, the $%^#@ bluefin went back to being bluefin. Simply, they were mostly MIA for us and most boats in the area.

The Crew - Capt. Matt, Fisher, Andrew, Riley and Doug (galley) - hard working and awesome as always. I really enjoy fishing with this crew.

Fish Caught: 2 (yes, only 2 for the whole boat) - one on the sinker rig and one on what seemed to be a 120g colt sniper. Somebody else got bit on a sinker rig but lost it shortly after.

Area fished: ~40mi SW from Pt Loma (long boat ride)

- Make sure you bring 6oz and 12oz torpedo sinkers for the sinker rig. Despite a favorable forecast, wind was ripping by 12pm and 6oz is not going to cut it
- Goes without saying but bring the heavy stuff but also have your 25-30lb fly-line setup ready to go for any kelp paddies. We slid up on a nice paddy but it wasn't holding any but you just never know

Stings to be subject to the "should have been here yesterday" but I'm already looking forward to a June 1.5 day trip on the Pacifica.

Anyways, that's it for now and good luck to everybody going out these next days!
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Jun 10, 2006
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24 Seaswirl striper
San Diego is an awesome boat and crew. Sorry you did not get the epic bite from the previous trip. That has happened to most everybody who fishes. Best of luck on your 1.5 trip coming up!!!
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