5/31 Double 1/2 Day



Jun 18, 2016
Fished the Western Pride on Thursday, they ran a 6am and a 1230pm so I opted to fish on both trips.

AM 0600
Headed to the 150 where the whole fleet was catching sculpin. Mike put us on the quality and the boat made quick work on the sculpin. Boat limited out before time was up so we decided to head over to the SE bank and give a few drops. Got my first solid bite of the day (grouper) on the live sardine and ended with the AM jp.

Tackle Used:
Sculpin: 40lb leader // Double dropper loop, 3" and 8" from the sinker // 8-10oz sinker // scampi, grub, trick worm, or any plastic lure
Grouper: 40lb leader // Doubler dropper loop, 24" and 60" from the sinker // 8-10oz glow sinker // live sardine & zoom plastic

PM 1230
Headed to the #2 spot to fish the bass. Great surface action, I remember the water being around 62 degrees. Had an angler hook up on what we believed to be a big WSB. The fish stripped off 150yards on 30lb before the hook straightened out. 30lb outfit finished with a mosquito hook, go figure what a bummer. I got my fun in with the bass then decided to head towards the bow to practice slinging the iron. My efforts yielded a short cuda. PM trip one of my bass tied a big sculpin for JP, it was nice seeing such a big rattler!

Tackle Used:
Bass: 20lb leader // flylined or 1/2 oz slider // half dead sardine

All in all, great day on the water. Water was nice and calm all day, with beautiful weather too! Get out and fish!

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