5/29 Kaneohe


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Aug 21, 2012
22 Force flybridge DEEEEZEL, 16 Arima Sandbar Queen
We decided to go fishing yesterday but wasn't sure where we should go. Got word that that fishing was slow in Waianae and in Kaneohe so we decided to stay on our side. We left Heeia around 6am heading straight towards MM. MM seemed dead so we trolled past and eventually found a birdpile. We could see splashes but nothing was biting so we decided to turn North towards LL. Around 930 am we encountered another pile of birds and took our first strike. Double aku. Relieved that we weren't gonna whitewash we continued to work the pile for another hour and brought up a few more aku. After the action died down we decided to head straight out but it was a complete desert. We decided to turn around and head home around noon and on our way back in encountered another pile of birds around 1pm. We were able to bring a few more aku into the boat and right when we decided to head home took a strike on our center rigger. This fish took alot more drag and after a short fight lo an behold we landed ourselves an ahi. What seemed to be just an nice day turned out to be an excellent day of fishing out on the water.