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Jun 18, 2012
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LA/OC overnight reports had been slow for a week or so. The weather forecast for Friday was looking better than the previous week so I figured this time of year with good weather the fishing had a good chance of improving. Boarded the Amigo Thursday night. Boat’s open party load is 18 passengers, we left with 17. Two tanks of anchovies and one tank of beautiful sardines loaded. From the previous reports I heard I thought we’d be fishing with live squid for bait and brought rods n reels geared towards that style of fishing. We started off our day anchored in pyramid cove for a couple bat rays. We then headed out to desperation reef area and anchored on a few hard bottom spots that produced decent rockfishing in 40ish fathoms. Most guys were fishing were fishing double dropperloops with 8-10oz of wieght. The catch consisted of mainly grouper, chuckleheads, reds, and other smaller rockfish. I fished with a 4oz swimbait or a 6oz Jax jig. I managed to catch a limit of a rockfish. We spent a few hours doing this and around 10:00am we went around to the front side of the island with around half limits of rockfish. The Thunderbird and Fury were already anchored and picking a few yellows. We anchored on a couple spots with very little current and no yellows to show for our effort. We did have bass and bonito boiling around the boat. They were mostly just putting on a show and not biting hooked baits well. Good signs of life though. Around 1130 the current picked up slightly and some breezers of yellows started to show. We had a couple of flurries of when those breezers moved into our chumline. All of the yellows were caught on Flylined sardines on 25-40lb test was working well. It was difficult to get a bait to swim away from the boat with the slow current. A good portion of the baits that I cast out would swim right back to the boat. I wouldn’t waste anytime with those baits and changed them out immediately. I went 3 for 3 on the yellows with a braid to 10’ leader of 30lb flourocarbon. I think I would’ve got more bites if I had a longer mono topshot, just my preference. After catching 3 yellows on bait I focused on the surface iron for no love. The fish just didn’t seemed interested in the iron. The spots of fish we were on just didn’t seem to be really aggressive. We ended the day with 20 yellows, a couple dozen small bonito, a handful of calico bass and half limits of rockfish. I enjoyed the boat and crew. It was a nice riding boat in the small choppy weather we had going to and from SCI. With a max load of only 18 passengers it was very comfortable. The captain and crew were very friendly and attentive to the passengers. After talking to the crew it sounds like they mainly do private charters but will put open dates up online for open party trips. I will definitely keep my eye on their schedule and try to get back out there with them again soon. Forgot to say the majority of the yellows were 12-20lbers with a couple 4lbers mixed in.
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    Great report. I think over the years I've caught 5 generations of Bat Rays in or around Pyramid Cove. LOL Sparked my memories.
    Glad ya got some rockfish and yellows. WHAT no PICS? The gang here likes pics. Next time?

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    Nice day on the water. I was on the Fury with similar results and had a great time.
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