Islands 5/25 Coronado Islands


Sea Bacon

  • Aug 24, 2018
    21’ Parker CC
    Left Point Loma and cruised to the nados. Stopped on boiling bones north of the islands for no takers. Made it to the islands by 7am. Water temp was 62-63.5 all over.

    Weather was awesome; contrary to a weather app I was following. Very light wind, under 5 knots. Swells were under 3’. Sun poked through here and there.

    Trolled rapala Xrap deep divers through the middle grounds and out to the SKR. Saw plenty of life, made a few stops, but no Yellows for Sea Bacon. One of those stops we thought were YT, ended up being the biggest Bonito I’ve landed. Easy 10-12lb boner.

    Heard BFT chatter on the radio in the 302 range. Sounded like some big girls were hungry but lots of casualties due to light gear. We only had one setup for the girls, it was late in the day, we ran out of beer, ran out of cigars and decided to head home instead.

    One thing I learned, bring a wide range of gear even if you are only doing a islands trip. The offshore bite may get hot. I also learned to never use the “Wind Alert” app. App grounded me the day prior due to bad weather intel. From here on forward, Windy and BoatUS weather reports is the only source I’ll use.

    At the end of the day, we brought home 3 very big bones and a couple Rockies.



    100 Ton Captain
    May 24, 2006
    San Diego
    Mako 184cc is hands down the most accurate wind forecast 24hrs and maybe even 36-48 hrs out. I use it religiously for surfing and fishing and it is 80-90% accurate to writhing a couple hours in the 24 hr range. is a good general estimate for longer term forecast only.
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