Offshore 5/2 bft on the skiff

May 20, 2015
Huntington harbor
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Everglades cc
So I headed out of shelter island this morning (5/2) with my friends Joe and Alan on their 21 whaler. Plan was to head around the 371 and start searching. Got around 32 20/ 117 40 and started seeing life. Got my CaliMade Lures spreader bars out and started trolling around. Had the directional port and starboard about 60-70 yards back then one straight back bar double the distance down the center. Short bite on the far back one after not long but didn’t stick. Caramel color for that one. About 15 min later and we are bit! This time on the port side bar closer in. Landed that fish and It bit my pink foil back color. Now that we had one on the boat we tried casting on small schools of pudding fish and breezers. No luck, threw everything we had at them. Probably should have kept the bars in.. after a while of running and gunning we kept on looking for some more active fish. Got the bars back out and saw Tons and tons of small schools around but nothing really grouped up together. Just lots of small spots of fish that were very boat shy and moving fast. Eventually at around 32 16/ 117 28 we hook up again on the same pink spreader. Also had a few short bites on the other two bars in this same zone but they didn’t stick. It was a little bit of a slow day but great weather, a lot of scattered fish out there, and we got a couple on my brand of spreader bars! Can’t complain for my first trip this season. Btw a couple days ago Alan was getting bit on the caramel far back, today pink and closer in was the ticket. Always a good idea to try different trolling lengths and colors. Every day is different.. I’ll be posting some more pics and videos on my instInstagram @calimade_lures if anyone wants to check that out.




Figuring it out
Jul 3, 2020
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Rampage 30 Express
Nice work! How fast do you troll those spreaders?
5-6 kn is what we got bit at. You can go as fast as 9 with my CaliMade spreaders. I switch up my speeds if I’m not getting bit but generally like it on the slower side. I know some people get bit a lot on bars going 8-9 though and like to run them fast.
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Aug 17, 2006
North County
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21 Bayliner Trophy (Cheap-BassTurd)
Awesome job man !! How fast you trolling those spreader bars ? Last year the cedar plug was working well for me ...way back and about 5.5 mph.
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