Offshore 43 to San Clemente


Los Panchos Sportfishing
Mar 25, 2006
Pomona, CA
Boat Name
1996 Ranger 488VS 1980 24' Skipjack "La Cuarentona"
Left Friday at midnight and made our way from Shelter Island to the 43. At grey light started trolling up the ridge to SCI. Caught a few big 5+lbs calicos at China Point. Made a move around the point and drifted for a while but didn’t see much. Around 9:00 made the move to the front of the island. Tried several spots along the front. All you can eat Bonito and Calicos. We did catch a big Soupfin Shark. Around 2:00 made our way home. At about 12 miles south of the island we spot birds and 60-70lbs tuna jumping. We tried to slide in on them but they sunk never to be seen again. Number in pic below. Stopped on a few paddies one had 30-40 rat yellows charge the boat and eat the chum but not a hooked bait. A few paddies later got bit and lost it due to technical difficulties. A little over 150 miles travel. Cant wait to die it again.