40" Guide Posts for 21' boat too small?


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Apr 14, 2012
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You can buy all the stuff you need to fabricate a set of side rails for your trailer at Pacific Trailer (https://www.pacifictrailers.com). As others have mentioned, you can find the indoor/outdoor carpet at the hardware store. I have used the pressure treated wood for the side rails on the last go round...honestly not sure if that is an advantage or not...one thing with pressure treated, no one will cut it for you (not that difficult...just reeks...make sure you dry it out). Also remember to put anti-seize or marine grease on your bolts..or they may "mysteriously" weld themselves together...lol. Good luck with the project, I have been doing the solo launch/retrieve thing since the 80's, just drive the boat on/off, once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy, side rails do make it alot easier, especially if you don't use the dock, like me.


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Sep 5, 2015
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make bunks. only way to go solo. the boards are 2x6 not 2.4 btw. I use cedar - no rot and lighter than p/t fir.
do not use home depot outdoor carpet. get bunk carpet sold by marine stores.it has better backing as not designed to be glued. also it comes in correct widths for the boards with overlap. I use SS staples out of my hand gun which penetrate cedar but not fir( need industrial air gun for that).

you can buy the uprights for your trailer and then use ss fasteners for the board.

I never drive my boat on to trailer and risk bustin my nuts climbing out from bow. I park trailer at correct depth and then walk it on to trailer from dock with bow and stern line in hand.
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