Offshore 4-29 on the 475



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Mar 9, 2011
San Diego, CA, USA
Went out yesterday for the first offshore trip of the season. Launched at 5. With the best bait I've ever had EVER.. very few anchovies all the size deans and at least 30 Macks, (only 1 bait rolled). And wow what a doozy just the amount of wildlife we saw. Was worth it. But traveled out to the 226 then zig zagged down tho the 425 ...cold water 58/59, no patty's... but the seiners were on the 425 dragging their tuna pins... We slowly weaved through it looking for loose tuna. But southward we go. Finally we pulled up on the knuckle to the magical patty and had a blast. We both kept our biggest for dinner. There were plenty of rats and some decent fighters, biggest 2 were on the 10lb side (the 2 fish that straightend our size 1 circle hooks so I'm being conservative on there weight) but probably C&Rd a solid 15-20 before they locked there jaws. The YT tho we're all lite up like more then normal it was rad when fighting them they were flashing blue then purple sometimes then to green it was a trip.. the water down at the 475 is beautiful right now. It was clear and turquoise (almost like we were fishing in shallows with a white sandy bottom.) Turned the boat north at 10:45 as another boat slid up on the patty. The water was beautiful down there but the warmest water found all day was at the 9 it was 63/64 all day. The water was full of foamers in the canyon around 3pm looked like giant bonito. But nothing bit. Gosh I can't wait for it to be full steam. But technically after that trip our season "has begun". Cheers guys, stay curtious to one another it always helps getting the job done!
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Jun 10, 2006
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In regards to the seiners, it was my understanding that Mexico’s quota has already been reached for blue fin tuna?
After caught they are kept in pens and fed until desired size or order needs. They need to be moved constantly to be kept in ideal water conditions.
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