Offshore 4/23-4/25 condor 1.5 day

El Chiva

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May 23, 2010
Hb, ca
Parker 2120 Nomad
went out on the condor for a 1.5 day bft trip.

Boat loaded quickly and we were off getting bait.

Boat pulled up at gray light around 85 miles south and we started looking, and looking, and looking.

We finally pulled up to some kelps and the boat limited out on rat yellows with a few decent ones mixed in.

Our first bft came on a blind cedar plug jig strike around noon or 1pm.

We metered blue fin all day, but they would not come up, even after a few scoops got dumped on top of them. a school to come up and stick with us around 5pm I believe. I’m not certain, but I believe we landed 9 bft. 1 bft went close to 60lbs, the rest were 20-40lbs. We saw tons of larger models boiling around the boat....but they were def boat shy.

I started with 50lb and ended at 30lb. Did not get picked up or chased. Started with 2/0 circle and went all the way down to a 1 j hook. Bait is small....def size accordingly. We got one on the flatfall....

The boat was full with 35 or so fly lining a boat with those many lines obviously made it difficult. The key imo, as it always is, was getting a good bait on light line away from the boat. For us.....they just did not want to cooperate.

The crew and cap worked really hard all day and night...classic picky bft bite.

Still a good trip!

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