3rd shot at Carter’s lake Ga

Phil mckracken

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  • Jun 4, 2020
    Soooo, this is /was my final trip up to Carter’s lake here in Ga, as I’m finally on my way home. Wanted another shot, hoping to land a walleye and possibly…. A larger stripper.
    got there at 03:45 am and Micky was there waiting for me. He had only made 2 casts with the cast net to get bait, so nothing had really come up yet.
    I board and we head off a little bit and we’re trying to make bait when I see a few really nice ghosts cruising around. He says “take that ultralight and pinch the head off one of these baits and throw it out there, you’ll land them.” So… that’s what I did. And bam, catfish after catfish, and the keep getting better. Blue cats, flat heads, I think the largest was about 4 pounds, but boy were they fun.
    we get the down lines out, and after a few min, we get a bight, and it’s a really nice double digit hybrid, next, another cat, then all of a sudden….. line goes, and as I’m fighting it, I figured it was another hybrid the way it was shaking its head…. Nope, cap says “awe man, cat…… wait, ITS A WALLEYE!” I’m extremely pumped. Finally!
    We poke around for a while and we land another quality hybrid, the sun comes up and the bite stops….. for a while.
    we make a couple moves, cap knows this is my last trip up until the next job up here, and he really wants to get me on another big stripper.
    we’re making move after move and finally we get a bite, good fight, small stripper. But it was fun. It’s now about 09:00 and we finally find the school…. We’re waiting for all the rods to go bendo, and only one goes but it goes. I get a few cranks on it and cap says,”he don’t know he’s hooked yet” then the fish just bolts, I say “he does now” fish dumps 100 yards on his first run. We’re fishing 10lb leader so we can’t button down to much, but I get to the bow, get it turned, and we’re in a fight now. I get about 50 yards back, and he runs again…… straight to the trees. After a 30 second or so stalemate, line pops. He wins. I’m bummed 🙁. Looking at the line counter, the fish still had 175 feet of line out.
    we poke around a little while longer and we call it. It was a great day.
    thanks for checking it out. Again, if y’all ever get to Georgia, check this place out. The fish in here are big.
    cheers all. Can’t wait to get home and tuna fish.
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