Offshore 302 bank got em.


Jul 2, 2010
los angeles
27ft mako
Left shelter island around 5am. About 40 minute wait for bait. Headed towards the 302. Saw many paddys but nobody home. 10 miles out of shelter saw many boils of bonita. Pretty big averaging 8-12lbs. Got them on the colt sniper. Enough games finally reached the 302. Lots of peeps not getting any bites. See jumpers all around us. Couldn't get them to bite anything. Was using 40-60lb test. Finally went straight to the 20lb test. Flyline sardine on the 20lb and boom started to get bites here and there. Water temp was 68 degrees. With 3ft swells. Afternoon got choppy so we headed back to the barn around 3pm. We did a drift in 15ft of water with live deens reverse dropper loop and picked up a huge halibut measuring 46 inches. Got lucky. I guess we will be eating bluefin and halibut for dinner. 👍 these guys I took today are my O.R. surgery crew. Good job gents. Till next time.