Inshore 3 July Salmon Trolling Report


Dec 3, 2020
San Francisco
Went salmon fishing on the King Fish out of Emeryville. Departed the Emeryville marina around 5:30AM and headed up to Point Reyes. Reached the Point Reyes lighthouse around 8AM and looked around for Chinook salmon. Only two hook ups and then massive schools of jellyfish. Headed back down towards pPacifica in search of a better bite. Checking your bait consistently and getting to the right depth to avoid tangles was essential. Some people had flashers on but it didn’t appear to have a real effect on getting bit. Landed a keeper chinook around 4PM after losing one at Point Reyes. Overall 10 or 11 Salmon for 15 people where landed. The guys fishing the stern of the boat where really helpful when I was hooked up. The deckhand and skipper worked hard to put us on the fish. Weather/conditions where overall really good and overcast. Unfortunately the salmon didn’t want to cooperate. Only 1 salmon was landed with a pink spoon/hoochie combo, the rest where anchovies on cable baiters. Got back into the Emeryville Marina around 5PM. Looking forward to putting it on the grill tomorrow. Happy Fourth!