Offshore 3.5 Day on the Islander - Video - Night Fishing BFT


  • Jul 17, 2005
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    Late Report -

    Had an amazing time on the Islander 3.5 Day Private Charter. This is by far my favorite Offshore trip of the year! With a great group of friends!! We had the Young Gun Crew, which was badass. They were ready to fish some long days at the rail!!!

    Day one - I fished from 5am to 3am.....22 hours of awesomeness!!!!! We started at Tanner Bank area, looking for some early morning Yellowtail. We got a few along with some Bonito. Most were caught on Sinker rigs and Flyline Bait, with a few on the Iron. We had a Few schoolie size BFT throughout the day too. Once the sun went down and after dinner, we started look for the larger grade BFT. We worked our Knife and Flat Fall jigs for a couple of hours.......most of the guys started to head for their bunks at this point. I was determined to not give up and stayed at the rail. And that paid off big time. At 11:00 pm, I was the first one to hook up on my 300 gram Rip Roller (RED & GLOW Polkadot). After a 75 minute fight......Here is my reward, 140#!!!! After 20+ years of trying, I got one over 100#!!

    Froggy #3 2021.jpg

    Day 2 & 3 - Were pretty much a repeat of day one. Yellowtail and some School size BFT. Then the larger models made a showing after dark. With 2 of them going over 200#

    Day 2 - Night Fish
    Froggy #4 2021.jpg

    The Islander Crew!!!!
    Froggy #6 2021.jpg

    Froggy #7.jpg

    Half of our haul!!!
    Froggy #8.jpg
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    I see OJ
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    This picture is such a trip for me


    I actually took Brody (green shirt) on his first real fishing trip god it has to be a dozen years ago now (look at how small he is in the pictures I think he was 6). His first fish was a 44# Seabass. We handed him the rod and I'll never forget the look of terror on his face. Think we limited in like 2 hours. I've been slipped next to his dad (also great guy) for years and he always wanted to fish and that was it, he reminded me so much of me as a kid. Such a trip to see him as deckhand now on a long range trips.

    Awesome person.

    Brody Seabass 2.jpg
    Brody Seabass.jpg
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