Islands 3/4 Cat 6-15-22


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Jul 26, 2007
Northridge, CA
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I had the good fortune to join a charter on the Native Sun (not a line from the song City of New Orleans). The group voted to go to Catalina versus fishing local. I wanted to fish sooner but shit, it had already been eight months since I last went so I could wait another 1.5 hours more. Got a mix of nice deans and mostly small chovies (couple max, too) from the receivers, and headed across the channel into mild SE breeze through the overcast. Very flat. I had a minimalist but tasty breakfast burrito and enjoyed the ride in the spacious galley. Minimalist burrito is good for me, I'm in shape in much the same way as a basketball is in shape.

Sun broke out just before we arrived to the front side near Avalon and it was sunny throughout the day. Tried couple spots in that area, working west. All conditions were uphill. Water blue and 68 ish. 3 Bs boiling around, with some yellows too. Bite was a little slow, fish seemed skittish due to sea lions. I got a fat mack and a couple short calis. Couple hookups on yellows for the boat, don't know if the seals got them or they just popped off or what.

Went a couple three miles west past the Long Point closure area. Slightly greener water and less current but biting a little better. I got a couple more short calis but was sort of snakebit overall, plus, the rust was definitely showing. Some more yellow hookups but again none landed. We were remarkably seal-free for a while, but then I saw a familiar plump figure and realized one of the sea lions from the last spot had followed us all the way here. After a bit more, we headed back east to our previous spot.

Action had picked up, we were entering a solunar period, coincidentally or not. Current was slacker but still present and fish were boiling around the boat. Bonito in the bow and calicos in the stern. Yellows popping up randomly. Instant bite on anchovy if you could find one big enough to fish. Got a bonito on a colt sniper. Got couple short bass and one keeper on sardines and anchovies. More folks hooked and lost yellowtail. Sea lions quit buggin.

End of day, I had one mack, one bonito, one keeper calico, and four short calicos. My buddy had about 25 short calicos, two keeper calicos, and three yellow hookups that never made it in the boat. One, the hook pulled just before they could gaff it, two others were sawed off by others. Mellow ride back, west wind picked up a couple miles out and of course roaring once we entered the harbor.

Good fishin'!


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  • Apr 22, 2013
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    I saw a familiar plump figure and realized one of the sea lions from the last spot had followed us all the way here

    Yes sir. You have to pick up and run at 20 knots just to get some breathing room. Those things are relentless. Where's a white shark when you need 'em?
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