3/28 coronado islands


Don’t know
Mar 15, 2008
Dana Point
Matt Vander Dussen
Boat Name
19.5 Chaparel Striker
fished the islands today
pretty rough out there big swell but it was alright
fished middle grounds and got lots of reds and small lings
only one good size lingcod that i got on a plastic
also got a nice sculpin on a plastic
most of the reds were on live bait
nice day though and pretty good fishing

red rockfish.jpg sculpin.jpg
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Mmmmmm Backstraps
Jun 26, 2004
With your Mom
Jim Perkins
Boat Name
18' Center Console " D-Bar II "
Nice sized Rattler
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Mansfield to Alijos......
Oct 24, 2004
Big Girl, AKA, Miss March
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Pinnacle Sportfishing
That's a pig rattler
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Cod Smuggler
Mar 13, 2005
Point Loma
Todd Victor Mora
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nice! tell us the story about the BSB. in the signature pic.
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Feb 3, 2006
Fountain Valley
Nick Vander Dussen
Boat Name
19 1/2 foot Chaparral F
HI Todd. This is Matthew's dad, Matthew is gone for the day so I will tell you the story.

We were fishing South Kelp Ridge at the Coronado islands. We were sitting just off the kelp and Matthew was throwing a surface iron using 25 pound test. He got a backlash and by the time it was untangled his iron had sunk to the bottom. As soon as he picked up the jig something big slammed it. We both thought he had a big yellow. I am not sure how but thirty minutes later Matthew landed this fish. I didn't think it was going to happen! It was caught in the kelp several times and he put it in free spool at least twice and eventually it swam out. I have never seen anyone pull harder. He was determined to land that fish. I don't know how his line didn't break?

When he got it along side the boat I let him make the decision whether to release it or not. We were fishing in Mexican waters so he was within his rights to keep it. He decided he wanted to keep it. He felt this was a lfish of a lifetime, a hundred pound black seabass on a surface iron. Not bad for a fifteen year old kid!

I realize that many will say that he should have released it but I honored his decision to keep it and pulled it in the boat. Matthew has decided that if he ever catches another one he will release it even though he really enjoyed eating it. He often catches and releases fish especially calicos.

Matthew is a great kid. Fishing is his passion. He is always ready and willing to go! He loves Avet reels and has nicer equipment than I do. He works with me in the summer and has bought most of it himself. When we go out on sport boats he usually will be one of the top anglers on the boat. When he was ten he won a $550 dollar jackpot on the Vagabond for a 36 pound albie.

Now that I have decided Matthew is mature enough to post here you will be hearing more about our fishing trips. His dad is not so computer savvy and never did figure out how to post pictures. I am a school teacher and we get out quite often.

Proud Dad
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crazy hawaiian

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Jul 4, 2006
San Diego
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17.5' Seaswirl c/c
My bad, dad.

When I first read the story I thought it took 30 minutes to land the sculpin. Thankfully I reread the story before posting this. LOL
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