3/25 on The San Diego


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Jun 7, 2009
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Hey guys,

Driving back to the dock with about 2 hrs to go from the islands.

Ryan and the boys popped 50 yesterday and had a light Mon load so I made the drive down and hopped on the boat. We had about 25-30 guys. Ryan was driving. Doug in the Galley and Matt, David,and Fisher on deck. Ryan said we had a long drive and that we would be driving around a lot. Large sized yo yo jigs were the advised gear so everyone tied up their favorite and off we went. About 3 hrs later, the sun was up and we were approaching our target area.

We searched around for about 10 min and Ryan put us on a "medium" sized school. I went up to the bow with another guy and cast out when Ryan gave us the word. We followed our lines down the rail as the boat slid fwd. I did about a 60 second count and started winding. The guy to my left got bit and two cranks later my jig got stopped. I worked my fish up to the corner and Fisher was there for the head gaff. Fish on the boat so I was stoked! We put 5 yellows on at that stop and then continued to look for the next school.

We looked and looked . . and looked ! We found a few small schools but none of them wanted to play and the large volumes of fish had vanished.
Lots of driving as Ryan looked everywhere for these fish. 2 other boats were out covering water also

In the afternoon we put the anchor down for about 30 min to let some of the newbies catch some bottom fish to take home. A school of yellows flashed the boat and we hooked 2 more yellows. One guy hooked up on a fly line dine and 15lb test but he got broken off and the other fish was brought to gaff with a yo yo iron. We saw a couple more nice schools and dumped bait on them but they just swam away giving us no action.
So that was it. 6 yellows a couple of bonito and numerous rockfish,whitefish, and sculpin for those who fished for them. Ryan reported that the water was around 60 degrees but the current had switched direction today. Weather was sunny and cool. ( kept a jacket on all day). Solid swell in the water but with a long enough period that it was barely noticeable. Crew was great as usual and I feel fortunate to have a nice yellow for dinner tomorrow. It's still early season fishing but they are around.

Good luck out there !


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