Offshore 209 report 7/30/22

Hollis Harris

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Jul 6, 2017
Riverside, ca
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Sea hunt
My buddy and myself launched out of oceanside for a run to the 209 area, seas were flat calm with a small ripple easy traveling. Water temp was a firm 72* until we approached the high spot at 71*. worked the area for an hour trolling cedar plug and Braid Speedster in purple and black and a dorado mimic. no hits trolling Pulled them in and made a short run toward oceanside and found our first paddy of the day at about 10 AM stopped 100 yards out and looked and could see the Dorado roiling the water around it, crept to within bait casing range and 15 seconds later my free spooled bait was inhaled.. Fish on8-), kept it in the water swimming so her buddies would join the party for quite awhile and had 40 of them swarming the boat my friend couldn't get bit? I think his leader was to short 8feet for the BLUE braid he was using, I was on a 25 yard top shot of 25#mono #2ringed circle hook on a lively sardine left the fish in for as long as i dared because she swallowed the whole rig and i didn't want to farm the fish... after that 20 minutes of mayhem we couldn't get another to go? as that was the only paddy we had seen for 35 miles on the ocean we fished it and drifted it for the next couple hours, still no takers. we left the paddy at about 2:30 PM water temp by then was a solid 74* and cobalt blue, Funday with amazing conditions we had the paddy and area all to ourselves for the whole time, would have shared but no one within site8-)8-) tight lines their out there go get em...


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    Free gaff those followers! One is WAY better than none! Congrats!
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    There is always that blue braid….I see it on every boat I am on, and no, none of my reels have it.
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