2021 season almost here, crewing up

Jack D Bold

Apr 25, 2019
Ocean 48

Offshore season is around the corner. TeamTuna is looking for a few fisher folks to add to the roster. My boat is a sweet 48' Ocean Yacht based in San Pedro. Fully rigged, kites, helium, deep drop gear, 3 bait tanks with 10 scoop capacity. It is very happy when it's offshore looking for tuna, yellows, and the king of them all, the swordies. The more crew members on the rotation, the more we fish, the happier the boat gets.

Looking for crew members who can bring a great attitude, offshore experience, gear, can stand a watch, help with boat ops, and expenses. Mad cooking skills get you on top of the invite list, though my guests never go hungry.

We are looking to run overnight to 3 day trips this season, spending the time necessary outside to connect on our quarry. If you can bring your skills to the boat, hit me with a PM. Let's chat.