2019 Florida Tarpon Season

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    April is almost here and with it comes the warm temps bringing the creatures from the deep to shallows. We spend our winters thinking about these fish and where we may find them one day. A Tarpon angler probably spends at least 5 minutes of his or her day pondering in some way or another about these fish. What hooks? What color fly? Wind direction? Weather? WHERE? This literally is the best game a fly angler will face in their life. The adventure involved in the search is in itself enough. Tarpon will take you to places you otherwise would never visit. A lifelong quest to become better with each conquest rewarding the angler with an unmatched aerial show accompanied by raw power. These fish are worth the time effort put in to connect. Trips available April - September. Inquire at www.saltedflatsflyfishing.com

    Captain Doug Henderson
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