2004 Sailfish 2100 Bay

Halibut Howie

1987 Cabo 216
May 22, 2003
San Diego
Halibut Howie
Boat Name
2004 Sailfish 2100 Bay Boat and 1987 Cabo216
Just picked up a 2004 Sailfish 2100 Bay in Mobile, AL for $10k. Plan on using it this Oct-Nov while renting a house on Fish River. Fish River empties into the Mobile Bay by the Gulf's entrance to the Bay (https://www.vrbo.com/1386962?adultsCount=2&arrival=2021-10-01&departure=2021-11-24&unitId=1945320). House is 5 miles from the Bay and is both fresh and saltwater with a 1.5' tide.

The boat belonged to my cousin's workmate. Lightly used with a 2004 Yamaha 150 2S. I shipped my repaired F150 back there last year when I repowered my Cabo216 with a new F150. My cousin will keep the Sailfish at his place and be a join owner. This boat is designed to fish the backwaters but has an 18 deg deadrise to venture out in the gulf but not too far.

Once my cousin figures out what the boat needs, we will trick it our to meet our fishing needs. He has a broken I-pilot TM that we will get fixed (112 Thrust). I've got lots of electronics and other boat stuff. I'll probably fly back there in a month or so to help with our project. These are the only pics I have of the boat.

I'm excited to start a new boat project in another part of the country. More to come.

Anyone with any information on this boat would be appreciated.




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