2001 Parker 2520 value

May 13, 2004
Long Beach and points due west
Bob Ballew
Boat Name
2520 Parker with twin 200 Yamahas
...Speed depends on swell direction, h.p. and prop size...I make Catalina runs (both directions) in 2-4 foot N/W swells at about 24 mph...a little bumpy but, doable....
...Don't count on an economic crash to reduce prices much...the pandemic downturn caused prices and demand to go up, as more people used their stimulus checks to buy boats and go fishing....once out on the ocean, you become a free man; away from stress and worry for awhile!
...Parkers hold their value over time. When I first stored my boat at Sunset Marina, two other Parkers were in residence...Currently, there are at least 11 "Parkered" there....A new 2520 Parker fully rigged would cost you over $150,000..
....Now, the temptation is to sell it and put $55,000 in the bank..:( When that thought occurs, I just slap myself hard a few times and it goes away.....Besides, money isn't worth much anymore, unless you have a billion or so...
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Oct 7, 2008
San Diego
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Hobie Outback
yea, I am pretty sure I am buying regardless... even if I have to rebuild the motors, it will be abadass platform and i will be $40,000 in. still not money behind
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