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Hana Bata Days

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Dec 5, 2009
Kaneohe, HI
Hana Bata Days-26 Yellow Fin
Got the call Thursday that the bite had turned on. Was planning on going Saturday but moved it up a day. Got the boat ready and went to sleep planning on an early start. Got to the ramp at 4 and only 1 other boat, wondering if the report I got was correct. Oh well I'm here gotta go look. Head out to the area and drop lines hoping for the best. After about 45 minutes of driving around get the strike. Clear lines get everything ready. Fish comes up I grab the leader and bring it up to the gaff. Gaff shot wasn't a good one and fish went ballistic. Next thing I know I'm just holding the leader. Fish gone! Very disappointed but still early. Set up and start driving around see some other boats get some but not happening for us. Leave the area decided to come back at the tide change. Just before the tide change start heading to the area, still far from it the rigger goes. Pretty uneventful fight just like I like it. Leader, gaff, in the boat. Set back up keep on towards the area. About 10 minutes later other rigger goes. This was crazy one, splashing all over the surface like a marlin, then straight down, after a few minutes back to the surface. Finally get it to the boat and get the gaff in put meat hook in and welcome aboard. Look at the ice situation and don't think we have enough for another one so head to the barn. Hope everyone is getting theirs. See you on the water.



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Sep 20, 2007
32' Blackfin "Kai Nana"
Don and the boyzzz,
Again, good goin', way to stay on it.