1st timer and a double

skinny jimmy

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Feb 21, 2007
san diego
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As much as I wished we could have had these birds down early, I'm sure glad the boys had the opportunity to see so much action.
We had pre scouted this area twice and knew of two shooters.
So we waited it out.
After three groups of hens torment our decoys throughout the morning we had a moment to stand and stretch our legs.
Zander, son of friend mutters, uh, uh um right there.
A tom was on his way on and busted us.
I hear some putts and tell the boys to sit down. I threw out some yelps and she fires back.
4 other hens join her, meeting at the decoy.
My son Cameron redirects us to the left, two more.
Hang on boys they're shooters. They some strutting in and with pre morning instructions I give them those words every Turkey hunter loves to hear, TAKE EM.
Those smile are enough to cure just about anything. What a great hunt.
Zanders 1st bird and to make it a double was so cool.


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