1982 24' Skipjack Open -Carlsbad


Super stoked to fish.
May 7, 2003
John Martin
25 Skipjack Fisherman
Gents & Ladies,

On the fence about selling "OUTEE FIVE" formerly Tinker Toy. I've owned her over the last 2.5+years with lots of time spent to this point. So I'm entertaining selling if the right offer comes around but near 70/30 keeping over selling....throwing it out there: or I'lljust save up for a new motor as I've found some reman long blocks for around 1650-2K range + installation and some newer engines from Michigan Motorz.... or any recommendations from my bd peeps as to who can do the install for me at a decent rate?

Recent Stuff done:
-45Gallon Offshore Bait tank w/new bait pump (Sure Flow)
-Garmin GPS/Fish Finder
-80Gal fuel w/recent gauge replaced (FULL tank of Costco gas last week)
-350 fresh water cooled with 280 Outdrive (recently went through with new shaft, new tilt motor installed, and Steering Fork just replaced last month)
-New Gear shift/throttle wiring w/ pro installation
-New Bellows installed in May with new seals on upper end of outdrive
-New Edelbrook 4 barrel carb, all new fuel lines last winter
-new intake impeller last week
-Just replaced water separator filter
-Freshly Redone 2005 10K GVWR Galvanized Trail Rite Trailer with new bunks and LED lighting, no brakes (I did this rebuild in May) Yes I have all titles
-Nice plumbing done with PVC for wash down (but needs new pump) as it's split for bait tank pump
-New Upholstery and gunny wale carpet ripped out with LED deck lighting (blue or white)
-All new nav bulbs
-Great Stereo with marine cover.
-outriggers that swing out.
-two anchors with 1 spare, w/windless
-Canvass & Eisenglass looks new still and wraps all the way to end of boat if needed
Overall Great shape; Hull in Excellent shape. I am the third owner. This boat sat on a lake prior to me purchasing this 2.5 years ago for 5 years according to last owner who trailered it out for me...
Teak swim step sanded and redone.

Basically went out fishing after replacing impeller last friday 8/5, impeller cap blew off becuase I didn't tighten down, and noticed lots of vibration. Got towed in, started exploring, removed harmonic balancer and found my crankshaft had a wobble. The crankshaft must have broke coming home 2 weeks ago because I've been pushing her pretty hard since early June with a big fat SKUNKO to this date searching 209, 181, south north and everywhere else... limped home last five miles with what I thought was bad fuel... but it had to be a busted crankshaft. So this could be a blessing.


May 1, 2012
Monrovia ca united states
Glen Mitchell
Sea Fox 248 Commander
just a couple grand to rebuild no?
don't get frustrated. it's part of being s boat owner.
if it makes you feel any better, I blew a rod twice in the same year on my old boat :)
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Feb 27, 2008
Orange County
205 Conquest
that's a sweet boat to give up on for just 2 grand for repairs thats cheap shit I just bought a new tilt/trim unit for my Yamaha outboard it was $1900
spend the money she's worth keeping
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May 13, 2003
Orange County Kali
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Get this shit fixed Martin... I become a kalitard ( as they say up here in washigoogan) again in less than a week! I wanna kill something other than longfins.