1979 Reinell 210 Cuddy outboard project


Jun 16, 2020
Gregor welded 14ft
I’m looking for any and all info on this 21’ boat, I know nothing about it but I bought it as a full project hoping to make it suitable for the sf bay and possibly beyond.
Completely stripping it out now and cutting the damaged areas of floors out and evaluating its hull condition.
Has unknown condition 1979 Evinrude 150 outboard, previous owner told me it just needs an impeller..
will be evaluating it more soon, have found broken battery cables At the through hull but have bought two new marine deep cycles for testing.
I’m dreaming of a new Yamaha 150 but if I can get that old rude running without putting too much into it I’ll use it until I can’t.
I’ve pulled the old aluminum fuel tank and found it full to the top of mostly water, and I believe the gauge sending unit was leaking and tank will most likely need some type of repair or replaced.
The fiberglass and some foam is in bad shape on the sides of fuel tank well and I’ve started cutting it out until I’m to decent material.
Planning to slightly enlarge the area for bigger fuel tank, glass the bottom for reinforcement with mat or cloth and the sides and just kinda put it back together how it was with new material.
I don’t have a ton of fiberglass experience but enough to get started and be dangerous lol.
So for what I plan to change (or maybe not depending on the opinions of those with more experience then I.. really just wanting to make this a safe sf bay fishing boat so all advice and opinions welcome, even if that may mean starting with something different? Idk.)
Is first possibly raising the floors to add scuppers, I’m doing the floor anyway so just more work but worried about making it tippy.
I’ve never had it in the water so have no idea of waterline and it’s a trailer boat that didn’t see a ton of use, so no water line on boat to estimate off of, and if I repower and reconfigure the boat it will change anyway.
I live in Sacramento about 5 mins from a boat launch onto the Sacramento River so not a huge deal to drop in the water for measurements if necessary but tbh at this point I wouldn’t even know what to do with them.
I want to add a live bait well, unsure of gallon size but large enough for a scoop or two. Probably pad the top for double duty as a seat.
Kill coolers, with padded tops as seats or should I drop something into the deck now?
I don’t know anyone with fishing boats like these so hard to see what others are doing.
I like seeing what you all have done to your boats on here so I feel like I’m asking the right group and appreciate all help and info I receive.
I usually never make posts just do a lot of research on the forums and find what I need but I’m at a loss on this one info wise.
Sorry for the long post but wanted to give as much info right off as I could. I plan to update this thread whatever way I go with it.
Also recommendations on best source of materials either local to Sacramento or good prices shipped.
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