14 Mile Bank 7/9


Nov 26, 2013
Parker 1801
Had to take my boat from Huntington Harbor to Newport to get bottom painted, so decided to loop out to the 14 to look around for a couple hours while I was out on the water. Saw a lot of life heading out (big whale, tons of dolphins, birds) in 71-72 degree water. Further offshore the water cooled down to 69 degrees around the high spot. Stopped on a couple paddies that were dry and saw a few boats stopped on paddies but did not want to roll up on them and throw jigs since I did not pick up any bait (and figured I could find my own kelps). Trolled with some dolphin just on the west side of the high spot on my way back in and was seeing meter marks. Tried dropping the flat fall and another boat slid in and was fly lining baits, but no love. Fished for maybe 20 minutes just south of the Newport jetty on the way in and managed on little bonito on the bass gear to get the skunk off for the day. Beautiful weather and nice seas the whole time we were out until about 11am. Not much to report, but hopefully these fish will keep pushing north over the next few weeks. Cheers