14' Canoe $100

Gabriel John

Apr 2, 2018
Tustin, CA
Gabriel John
Jolly Mon
Was using it for the bay. Super fun, not going to lie it wasn't that stable. had plans of putting some sort of stabilizers on. Now that the holidays are here i would like to get my new-born a few things. I have a extended bed hitch attachment for those of you who have trucks. It comes with the canoe if you need/want it. yes it is water tight.

Taken it out with my old man, a cooler and 2 rods each and had plenty of room to deal with spotties and halibut.

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jim isbell

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Jun 25, 2015
Anaheim, CA
Jim Isbell
19' Campion/115 4 stroke Yamaha
Car top boats of any kind as so much fun. AND, they are often the one you actually USE, the larger boats sits there, most of the time. Once you learn, if you don't know how, to mount it on car top racks, it is so fast, so easy, and you can take it to so many places, bays, lakes, rivers, any small body and it is almost impossible to be kept out--not with a portable boat of any kind. Good luck getting it sold, I have one--easy to store too by the way, mine upside down suspended from the patio ceiling.
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