14-16 Day Gear Recommendations

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    I have looked at many boats that do the 14-16 day trips and it seems to me there web pages for tackle recommendations needs to be updated. This site suggests newell reels and a top shot of 100 yards of mono. If you look at this sight or others you will see that many of the long range web pages should be updated. This came to me when a new long range fisherman was going to buy everything that was on there web page under tackle recommendations. I pointed out to him that was what we use to use. Now we fish different rods and reels and you will need fluro… and not so much mono. Chim in on changes that you can point out.

    14-16 Day Gear Recommendations

    Outfit #1
    Line: 30lb
    Rod: Seeker 670
    Reel: Newell 338 or Avet JX 6/3

    Outfit #2
    Line: 40lb
    Rod: Seeker 6470
    Reel: Newell 533 or Avet LX 6/3

    Outfit #3
    Line: 50lb
    Rod: Seeker 6470H
    Reel: Avet LX 6/3

    Outfit #4
    Line: 80lb Spectra (500 yards) topped with 50 yards of 60lb Mono
    Rod: Seeker 6465XH
    Reel: Avet HX

    Outfit #5
    Line: 135lb Spectra (500 yards) topped with 100 yards of 80lb Mono
    Rod: Seeker 63XXH
    Reel: Avet 50

    Outfit #6
    Line: 135lb Spectra (800 yards) topped with 50 yards of 100lb Mono
    Rod: Seeker 63XXXH
    Reel: Avet 50W

    Terminal Tackle: 14-21 day trips

    Mustad 94150 Bronze finish
    Sizes: 2/0, 4/0, 6/0, 9/0

    Owner Gorilla
    Sizes: 3/0, 4/0

    Circle Hooks:
    Owner Super Mutu
    Sizes: 2/0, 4/0, 5/0, 7/0, 9/0

    Spilt Shot PSS-2

    Sizes: 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz

    Sizes: 2oz, 4oz, 6oz

    Wahoo Lures:
    Salas 6X, 6X Jr.
    Raider jigs
    Wahoo Bombs
    Sure Strike Bombs & Jigs

    Size: 40lb, 60lb, 90lb, 250lb

    Wire Sleeves:
    Size: A-2, A-3, A-7

    Size: 1/0 and 5/0

    60lb, 80lb, and 100lb as they are most commonly used.

    Bait Catchers:
    Owner Octopus 4 hooks - Model #5525-075
    Quantity: 4 nike air max shoes

    Trolling Lures:
    Braid Marauders
    Black Purple, Black Orange, and Dorado colors

    Mono Leader:
    150lb and 200lb
    100yards of each

    Wind-On Leaders:
    150lb and 200lb 50 foot lengths
    3 to 5 of each
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    I do not see the Hooker Intruder lure...
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    Yes, most every site is out of date. Several boats list rods and reels that they no longer use or recommend. Your example does not include fluorocarbon leader or any of the super braid lines. I hope no one would simply print one of their listings and start filling a shopping cart. Best recommendation to a new angler heading out on their first true LR trip is to use loaner gear from the boat. Usually free, decent quality and did I mention free.

    Pretty much all you need is a small pair of plier/cutters, a package or two of hooks and a couple 2 - 4 oz torpedo sinker and rubber bands. Even these items are optional for a first timer.
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    need to add porcupine flatfalls
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    Yep they need an update for sure. I make my own for every trip I go on. Like to keep them so I can see what has changed over the years. I add and take out new rods and reels for most trips but still have 5 or 6 set ups that always go with.
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    Bring a couple sibikis and some UV flashlights to charge your glow lures.
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    Old guys.jpg

    I have only been on 3 LR trips but have learned that the clothing tips may not be correct for all. 1 shirt, 1 shorts, 1 long pants per day? Most don't realize this is max for only days fishing. Even for those days we take 2 or 3 max total of modern fabric and rinse and dry each day, for sox also. "Buy your stuff from the thrift store and discard when smelly" I did that for my 1st 12 day and looked more loaded than the guys above-hahaha

    FG, uni/uni, hawire twist, glue, big knot and hope--all good, do as one pleases but this is one thing that works well for us, oh yea, now it is the 2 of us so we are trying not to need the 5 Star fork lift to get our stuff down from the car-

    Good work Soda
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    i guess I better start over cause I'm way off
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    I use much shorter 25 ft. Wind on leaders on my heavy 30w, 50 and 50w packed with 135 hollow spectra in white.

    100 flouro, 135 flouro and mono, 150

    Learn to make your own wind on leaders.

    Super mutu 6/0 is what I like for sardines and small mackerel for big tuna.

    11/0 7691DT for fishing big bait like skipjack.

    A pl68 with j hook,500 gm fall flat glow custom rigged with 200 flouro leader.
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    Those lists on the sites are pretty outdated but also a good reference as to what you really need if you like to travel lightly or have limited access to tackle

    Since I am the direct opposite of that , here is my updated list:

    NOTE: this list is large due to a addiction to artificials disease combined with that lovely sound of a screaming stella(no better sound in world). Most can eliminate some/most of the spinning setups.

    You will need 6 primary must have setups:

    1. 130-150# Big bait rig
    Rod- 6.5--7.5’ xxxh rated rod (Uc Invictus/calstar ,seeker, Phenix)
    Reel- 50w sized 2 speed filled with 130-150# hollow braid with room for a 25-50 yd leader top shot of 130-200# flouro/mono

    2. 100-130# bait rig/iron yo-yo rig
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Invictus/Viper calstar ,seeker,phenix)
    Reel –50 size or large 30 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 130# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100/130#fluoro /mono

    3. 100 lb Bait rod
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Viper calstar,seeker,phenix)
    Reel- 30 size or large 20 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 100# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100#fluoro /mono

    4. 50# set up for wahoo jigs/bombs
    Rod- 7-7.5’ 40-100 lb rated rod
    Reel-2 speed in a 500 size filled 75% with 65# braid and 100 yard of 50# mono topshot.

    5. 40 # set up for wahoo bait fishing and or bait making
    Rod- 7-7.5’ 30-80 lb rated rod
    Reel –Single or 2 speed filled filled 75% with 65# braid and a 75-100 yard 40# mono topshot.

    6.80lb finesse bait fishing
    Rod-6.5-7.5’ 50-130 lb rated rod XH or XXH / UC viper
    Reel –Okuma Makaira 16 size/Penn VISX 16 2 speed filled with 80-100# braid -with room for 50 yards 80# mono or fluoro

    The Extra setups:
    Many of theses setups are backups and duplicates. For instance : I like to have 3 wahoo iron /bomb setups tied and ready to go so I don't have to retie quickly- usually 2 bomb and 1 iron. I will keep 1 in the stern , 1 in the bow and 1 midship as I go through my wahoo stop drill. I like to have 3 Popping setups ready to go for same reason.. these will consist of 1 rigged with a Popper, 1 with a stickbait and 1 with a RONZ ready to go.. Also the 60lb hail mary bait setup which I feel is mandatory.
    the 2 reasons are - you are on the smaller/ mid grade fish and the other reason is no bites on the boat for 2 hours and you are going super stealth. If you go this route : you should be very experienced and be a good liar when the crew asks you what lb test you are fishing.

    13 other setups:

    1- 150# designated Kite rig

    Rod- 6.5--7.5’ xxxh or xxxxh rated rod (UC Invictus ,calstar ,seeker, phenix)
    Reel- 50w-80w sized 2 speed filled with 130-150# braid with room for a 25-50 yd leader top shot of 200# mono

    2. 100-130# chunking rig
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Invictus/Viper, calstar ,seeker,phenix)
    Reel –50 size or large 30 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 130# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100/130#fluoro /mono

    3. 100 lb Bait rod (duplicate for quick rod changes in good bites)
    Rod- 6.5-7.5’ xxh rated rod(UC Viper,calstar,seeker,phenix)
    Reel- 30 size or large 20 size(Okuma Makaira sea) 2 speed filled with 100# hollow braid and room for a 25-50 yd top shot of 100#fluoro /mono

    4.60 lb Super "Hail Mary" Bait rod( for pro's only) **fish at your own risk **
    Rod- 7-7.5" UC raptor/Viper/calstar XH or XXH
    Reel - 2 speed Okuma Mak 15/16 or VISX 12 filled with 80 lb braid with 15 ft pink yozuri #60 lb leader

    5. (X2) 50# set up for wahoo jigs/bombs (duplicate for quick rod/lure changes)
    Rod- 7-7.5’ 40-100 lb rated rod
    Reel-2 speed in a 500 size filled 75% with 65# braid and 100 yard of 50# mono topshot.

    6 . Wahoo Spinning setup
    casting lures and wahoo bombs
    Rod 8-8.5’ 40-80lb rated spinning popping rod
    Reel – A quality ,size 8-18k spinning reel (Shimano Stella or Diawa dogfight) filled with 65-80# braid

    7 .(X2)Popping and Stickbait setup for Big Tuna
    Casting top water poppers/stickbaits/RONZ
    Rod-7-7.5’ 80-130 lb rated Quality popping rod i.e. Black Hole, Synit , Race point ETC...
    Reel- Shimano Stella/Diawa Dogfight 18k-30k filled with 100 lb braid(hollow or solid)

    8. Conventional Jigging setup for Big Tuna
    Rod- 5-6’ conventional or acid wrapped 350-550 gram rated rod i.e. Black Hole, Synit , Race point ETC...
    Reel- PE 8-10 size one speed reel filled with 100-130 lb braid (hollow or solid)

    9. Spinning Jigging for big tuna
    Rod- 5-6’ 350-550 gram spinning rod i.e. Black Hole, Synit , Race point ETC...
    Reel- Shimano Stella/Dogfight 18-30k size filled with 100lb

    10. Dedicated Trolling rod
    Rod 6-7’ 80-130 lb rated rod guides or rollers
    Reel- 50 size 2 speed filled with 100lb braid with 50-100 yard mono topshot

    11. 30lb rig Bait catching
    Rod- 7-8’ 20-50 lb rated rod
    Reel single or 2 speed filled with 75% 65#braid and 75-100 yd top shot of 30# mono


    Leaders- The general rule is you will need 1 fluoro leader per bait fishing rod per day of fishing.
    On a 15 day trip with 7 days of fishing and 3 primary bait rods- you should have 7 x3= 21 fluoro leaders.

    Bring Fluorocarbon leader material of 60,80lb,100lb,130lb,150lb,200lb (seaguar premier, yozuri ,blackwater) in order to make top shots, chunking rigs and kite rigs for tuna as well as leaders for wahoo

    60 lb ,80 lb and 100 lb yozuri pink fluoro 1 spool each- for day bite.

    Mono- Bring 100 yards of 100,130 ,150 and 200# mono for making leaders

    Wire- Bring assorted titanium wire in 30-60# in order to make some wahoo bait rigs.

    Crimping material-
    Mono sleeves- 1.6mm (150lb) -50
    1.9mm (200lb) 50
    Wire sleeves – Size a-2 or a-3 -50
    1/0 ,3/0 ,4/0,5/0 black barrel swivels -10 each
    Chaffe guard- enough to make 50 leaders.
    Asst heavy duty owner welded rings and split rings size 7-10 25 each
    Quality crimping pliers and split ring pliers.

    I prefer owner ringed super mutu circle hooks for sardine and small/medium mackerel bait fishing
    5/0- 20
    7/0- 20

    For large baits , chunking and kite:
    Owner super mutu
    8/0 -10

    Mustad 7691
    7/0 -10
    9/0- 10
    11/0 -10
    12/0 -10

    Mustad 7699d Big baits
    14/0 -10
    16/0 -5

    Mustad 39960D Circle Hooks
    20/0 -10 (flying fish kite baits)

    Owner sst66 5/0 (10) stinger baits and large popper hooks.

    Wahoo hooks-
    mustad 94150
    2/0 -20
    3/0 - 20

    (6)Salas 6x or 6x jrs(or similar)
    (12) butterfly or flat fall type jigs with glow 250-350g
    (12) wahoo lures -catchy tackle 33 , raider 200g
    (12)wahoo bombs - Capt Jimmy non wired(use 130-150 lb flouro) Dorado Green and halloween Orange
    (6) PL68 or JRI 8 type heavy glow jigs
    Use single hooks heavy class all lures.

    Poppers and stick baits(for Popper guy)-
    (3) 2.5 oz to 5.0 oz small to medium size poppers
    (3) larger size poppers
    (6) assorted swimbaits such as Smith Baby Rumboh, Tackle House Shibuki, Siren,Strategic Angler, Shimano Orca ,etc.
    Assorted owner stinger ST-56,ST-66 , ST-76 treble hooks for all popper ,swimmer lures(match the size of the lure for proper lure action)
    (6) 10 in Ronz Big Game - 3 heads and at least 6 tails (Silver and Blue)

    Flying fish lures
    (6)Large yummy or Maguaro flyers ( 9 inch blue or blue glow)

    Trolling Lures-

    (3) Marauder type lures for wahoo medium to large size (1 orange/black ,1 purple,1 pink)

    Torpedo Sinkers in, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz,12 oz and 16oz -6 each but 12 of the 16oz
    Assorted Sliding egg sinkers in 1/2-4oz

    Bait Making rigs:
    (2) four hook size 4 sabiki style rigs
    (4) 2 hook size 1/0 or 2/0 sabiki rigs

    Tackle Box- quality tackle box(s) to hold all your tackle
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    1. kite/flat fall/wahoo big bomb trolling/chunking/80 s cal sheets special/48 inches high/I-1-low gear/heavy gear/your preference
    2. chunking/ballon/70 baker narrow topless/cal sheets special 1-1 gear/heavy gear your choice
    3. 50 avet cal sheets special 1-1 gear/chunking/heavy gear your choice
    4. 50 avet cal sheets speical 1-1 gear/chunking/heavy gear your choice
    5. 50w topless cal sheets special big baits/heavy gear
    6. 50 w topless cal sheet special/ big baits/ heavy gear
    7. 50 topless/baker/ wild card/ big gear sardines
    8. 50 topless /baker/wild card/big gear sardines
    9. 30w baker/stealth sardines
    10 30mak /stealth sardines
    11. 20 mak/stealth sardines
    my foundation
    super cows
    #1. kite
    #2. chunks
    #3. big baits
    #4. sardines
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    Wonderful modern recommendations. Maguro has only one "a" and likely does not come in 9". And if that is my only challenge -- my goodness you have nailed it!
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    January, I had a 200, maybe 150 lb mono topshot on my Avet 50SDS. That was mounted on a Super Seeker 6463XXXH with, oh yes, Aftco Rollers. :) I was set up to fish a big bait so it had a nice sized 7691DT hook tied on.

    Noticed nobody was fishing the chunk, so I decided to give it a try. Tossed in a couple of chunks, cut off the hook, tossed in a few more chunks, tied on a chunk leader, tossed in a few more chunks, pinned some on the hook and dropped in. Got bit first or second drop. Amazing...

    You can’t fish a Big Bait, Chunks and the Kite at the same time. Outfits that multi-task are the way to go. Minimize, enjoy it, don’t take up so much space. ;) Of course, it never hurts to fish a sponsored trip. Accurate reels, full of spectra, and task specific Calstar rods available for anglers to use during the trip, priceless.
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    Most boat web pages about tackle are outdated, but there are lots of good recommendations here on BD. I have always been a minimalist to some extent. I used this list below on my last 15 day trip. Used my friend's trolling rig for wahoo. I would rather catch wahoo/YT/YFT on a casting jig/bomb so a trolling rig isn't really necessary (for me).

    Calstar GG90J & Tranx 500 for 40-50 lbs. surface jigs
    Calstar GF765ML & SST8 for 50-60 lbs. wahoo/yoyo jigs
    Calstar GF7470XXH & Mak 16 for 60-80 lbs stealth bait
    Calstar GF7465XXH & Mak 20 for 80-100 lbs small bait
    Calstar GF7465XXXH & Mak 50 for 130-150 lbs big bait

    I also bring a Tackle box, leaders, crimps, tools, hooks, jigs, sabikis, sunglasses, boots, gloves, hats, clothes and sunblock! Anything else I can get on the boat. It sure makes boat loading, set-up, tear-down and offloading more straightforward. I also bring some food and drink for sharing!

    More than enough for me, but bring what you want. It is your vacation...

    - Jeff Burroughs
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